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Friday, 7 November 2014

Horus Heresy: Iron Hands Autek Mor & The 'Retro Father' By Hellstrom

Greetings all! The tides of iron march onward in the Emperors name! Having ordered quite a large number of miniatures I have been busy working out a 1500-1750 points list as a guide. While it has been fun getting back into the hobby and building what takes my fancy, I really wanted a focus of some sort and nothing quite does it like a army list.

I have a real fondness for the Iron Fathers, so much so that I think I have around 4-5 of them, with respective servitor bodyguards. Naturally I do have some robots on the way to take advantage of the cortex controllers, but that is way in the future. Above is the finished 'Retro Father' I showed off in my first post. While he was more or less finished in the last post, I really wanted to get the transfers on for effect, it is also fun to point out, that the addition of a small amount  of brass really makes the miniatures stand out. I have also tried to match the base to DiStudio's Night Lords army, to give some form of narrative.

The overall leader of my starter force will be Autek Mor, and while from a fluff perspective he was not on Isstvaan, he is simply too good a choice not to take, until I get my Ferrus Manus done. I suppose that the first game narrative game I play could be a boarding action of some sort...

While these are the only two miniatures I have fully complete, I have a whole host of infantry and tanks in various stages of paint or construction, probably enough to make a 3500 point army. A long road but one with focus, perhaps if I remember, above is a the initial lot of Iron Hands being drafted for the war.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Horus Heresy: Night lords By DiStudios - Army Update #1

Welcome to the long overdue first post of my latest Horus Heresy project - Night Lords! Originally started a month ago, as part of a joint project with Hellstrom's Iron Hands, we have been avidly pooling together miniatures to build, paint and finally share; here on the 14th Legion Blog. I will be running the Terror Assault Rites Of War and I have to admit, that at first glance; I was daunted at the prospect of having to build and paint thirty Terror Squad miniatures, just to have a legal force. One of the key problems was keeping each squad unified, but also contain enough unique features that would separate them and keep a gang themed hierarchy. By adding a few well placed pieces of greenstuff I think I have achieved that look so far.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Horus Heresy: Iron Hands Test Scheme By Hellstrom

Greetings and welcome to my first post here with the 14th Legion! Here are a couple of works in progress of my budding Iron Hands army. I actually have quite a large amount of models already but all of these are in various stages of cleaning and building. I have a decent balance of infantry and while I have some heavy armour, I will be adding the majority of tanks towards the end as these will take longer to get up and running. I will be using the Rites Of War and of course Ferrus Manus in the foreseeable future! 

I decided to use one of my original Rogue Trader Terminators as a Forge Father for nostalgia's sake and I intend to throw a few more old school models in the mix here and there, ultimately though the army will be made up from Forge World's lovely range. Colour wise I am using gun metal over black with a wash of Tamiya Smoke and finished with Dark Tone, some final highlights with chain mail were then applied to the edges. I decided very early on to go the route of metallic, as I find flat black some what boring and wanted a bit of the 'Iron' in the Iron Hands name to show on the models.

So only a brief glimpse into my starter project, but signs of life to counter the Night Lords menace! Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Battle Report: Darklands Khthones Vs Ysians

**First of all, a small note from me DiStudios. This battle report is well over due, so apologies in getting it up so late! Sven; our resident Darklands and Kingdom Death fan; has put a huge amount of effort in producing this fantastic battle report, so read through and most importantly don't forget to look at all the lovely pictures!**

As I’ve mentioned in some of my recent articles, my motivation for the Darklands line doubled lately as I’ve found someone to actually play the game with. So today I’m going to report my latest game to you, which is something I’ve never done before so please feel free to comment on how I could improve the reports.
The game was fought with my miniatures, me using the Khthones (link?) and my opponent my Ysians (link). The size of the game was determined by my collection of Ysians, which came to 1212 Gold and miraculously fits in the force organisation chart.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Darklands: Ysian Infantry By Sven

Resisting the temptation of starting yet another Darklands kindred with the new Kickstarter I tried to focus on something else and took some pictures and wrote this article. Of course Darklands and its miniature range mainly live through the awesome characters and huge monsters, but to show the difference in scale and skill in battle every army needs some regular troops. It was during one of my first Khthones vs Ysians games that my opponent remarked that his Ysian commander was the only human-sized model on the field and so it seemed like the Brutes and Gorgonares weren't monstrous, but regular man-sized.

While the Khthones have no human-sized infantry available at the moment the Ysians certainly do and so I began work on the Ax-Drunes.

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